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Krav Maga Canada now offers Kickboxing
in Kelowna, B.C. and the surrounding area!

Krav Maga Canada Kickboxing

Krav Maga Canada is pleased to announce the commencement of kickboxing classes!

Kickboxing provides a wide range of benefits to our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Participating regularly in kickboxing benefits our cardiovascular health, endurance, and it can assist in providing a base for discipline in your fitness journey. When accompanied with a healthy diet, kickboxing can be a beneficial additive for your weight loss goal.

Our classes range between $75+GST per hour per person for private training. Looking to enjoy our class with your family, friends, or coworkers? We offer group classes for groups of 4 for $125+GST per person per month for an hour once a week, or $150+GST per person per month for an hour twice a week. We also offer women only group classes for the comfort of you and your girlfriends.

Are you looking for a fun and engaging after-school activity for your children ages 10 and over? Sign them up! Our classes are available in the evenings during the week and anytime on weekends.
All are welcome (10+).

To book call 204-892-1211 or
use our Contact Form!

Ready To Learn Kick Boxing? 
Sign Up or Inquire Today!

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